Hudson Ohio SEO Services

If you own a website you most likely need some type of SEO services.  I have been in the online marketing industry since 2004 dealing with one of the most competitive markets (no its not that one) and have been very successful. Since 2004 I have learned that a simple web page with great content is nothing without substantial search engine traffic.   You can have the best source of information about widgets on the Internet but if you can not get Google, Bing or Yahoo to agree with that statement you mid-as well sell the widgets door to door.  I only deal with clients I can sit down and meet with, discuss a realistic SEO plan and layout the costs to achieve this plan.  While most SEO firms out there simply want your money for some low quality links, I want you to succeed and feel good about what I can do for you.  look at the following items, if any of these do NOT make sense to you you need to get in the Contact Page and ask for some SEO assistance. 



If you been hit with the Panda update we would need to discuss your options, If you do not know what the Panda Update is, then you need to really call me or some other SEO Service quickly!  The Panda update was a change to how Google looks at your linking structure from outside sources, if this looks spammy to them you pretty much got kicked off Google.  Recovering from the Panda updates is not easy.  Not somthing I would want to try to "fix", but I can definitely give you the best information to recover from this depending just how deep you are in paid links.


Pandas are cute, but don't mess with one!  Same goes with Google's new theory of punishing webmasters who want to cheat their way into search engine rankings.  Play smart, steady and obey to succeed in Google land.

Webmaster Tools

You check your webmaster tools from Google and Bing every other day correct?  If you didn't say "yes of course"  then you need to contact me.  Actually before you do that log into your webmaster tools and look over crawl stats, Errors, and HTML suggestions.  I will wait some time if your doing this now, but when you return and still do not understand what I just said head over to my Contact Page and call me.  Webmaster tools is the source to know what search engines think about your site, if you don't know what they think how can you make them feel your widgets are better than Bob's?

Page Speed

If you don't think page speed is important your behind the ball on one of Google's new indicators of website quality.  They not only measure page speed but also track how many people look at your page and actually read it, click away and stay inside your domain.  If you get 12,000 people a day to your site, but look at the layout and click back to the search results Google gives you a big fat thumbs down on the quality rankings.  The old days of keyword stuffing SEO techniques are gone, so are the SEO methods of article submission, directories and link swaps.  If any of these items are in your SEO tool bag just go ahead and contact me.

Real content that is unique

OK, if you copy and paste the coolest news of the day on your website your not only hurting yourself SEO wise, your also breaking some copy write laws in the process.  I would not write content for you, I hope you know more about the widgets than I care to know about but I will advise on how you should present the content to make it attractive.  SEO is a fine balance of being a great looking site to search engines but also looking fantastic to your customers.  Like I have said before, you can get traffic to your site but if the site sucks what good is it?